In case something unexpected might happen to your trip, World Nomads Travel Insurance is designed to back you up

World Nomads Travel Insurance

World Nomads Travel Insurance
  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance
  • Cover for 200+ Adventure Activities
  • Donations to local communities

World Nomad Travel Insurance - Value For Customers And Society

Anything can happen on a trip, even if you don't want to think about it. World Nomads Travel Insurance protects independent travelers and their families. Even if a customer runs out of travel insurance or leaves without it, World Nomads can still cover them. World Nomads Travel Insurance doesn't just protect you and your family. World Nomads Travel Insurance will make every trip smarter and safer. Since 2002, World Nomads has been protecting, connecting, and inspiring independent travelers as a group of global citizens, creative storytellers, and guest advocates row. Travel, passion to help customers satisfy their curiosity and explore the world is the mission of World Nomads. Traveling with World Nomads is not only an opportunity for adventure but also a way of life. This mindset helps World Nomads work to refuel and support every customer - whether they're on a long journey or exploring their backyard. If the above makes you feel like your soul is empathized and understood, welcome to World Nomads.

World Nomads Travel Insurance

Devoted the best

World Nomads Travel Insurance was born to assist you in discovering your great boundaries by providing travel insurance and advice on safe, simple, and flexible policies for each customer. World Nomads helps you travel with confidence thanks to good support policies in case of emergencies or when you encounter risks during your journey. We believe in making a difference with a small donation when you join the World Nomads plan.

Buy cover while traveling

Want to extend your trip while traveling? This seems very difficult. However, World Nomads always facilitates every customer by allowing them to purchase additional covers to continue their journey.

24/7 Emergency Assistance

World Nomad's multilingual support team can help clients connect with medical treatment and transportation in any case. No matter what country you are traveling in, what is your mother tongue, World Nomad can solve all your problems quickly.

Cover for 200+ Adventure Activities

World Nomads has worked for over ten years to develop a list of more than 200 adventure activities - one of the longest lists of activities covered in insurance plans. The value discovery, push boundaries when traveling, and always want customers to have the most special experience possible.

Donate to local communities

To enable clients to fund projects in the destinations of greatest need, World Nomad connects projects run by established charities with its clients. Thus, customers not only bring great value to customers but also make efforts to contribute to society.

Discover more with World Nomad Travel Insurance

World Nomads can help you plan your trip with free downloadable guides, responsible travel insights, and the help of a professional customer care team. In addition, suggestions from World Nomads' global Q&A community are also a huge source of useful information for those who want to participate. You can also read, watch or listen to World Nomads travel tips and nomadic stories for inspiration for your next destination. We believe that you will get back more than what you put in. We confirm this through a research project on hundreds of the most trending travel insurance plans today. Please read World Nomad Travel Insurance's policy wording on the official website carefully for a full description of coverage. Like other travel insurance plans, World Nomad Travel Insurance does not cover everything. All information about World Nomad Travel Insurance that we provide in this article is a brief summary and does not include all terms, limitations, exclusions, conditions, termination terms... In addition, coverage for residents of each country, state, or province may vary or may not be available.