One of the best-seller digital products with a high degree of accuracy, low power consumption and step on technology.

Taylor 7506 Digital Glass Chrome Bathroom Scale

Taylor 7506 Digital Glass Chrome Bathroom Scale
  • Durable tempered glass platform
  • Price under average-range
  • Limited functions

Taylor 7506 Digital Glass Chrome Bathroom Scale - Highly Accurate Digital Body Weight Scale

If you're looking for a great-looking digital bathroom scale for your family, look no further. The Taylor 7506 is considered the best option due to an affordable price and high-end appearance. The durable glass platform is set on top of a sturdy base and is complemented with chrome accents. You will notice the big, easy-to-read display contributing to a great-looking digital bathroom scale.
The easy-to-use electronic scale turns on with only a step onto the glass platform and is special with instant on, auto zero, auto off, and a low battery indicator. A large 3.2” x 1.5” LCD display makes it easier to read the indicators without getting down, and weight readings will display for 5 seconds before the unit shuts off to conserve battery power.
The scale was set by manufacturers to read the weight in pounds. You may select the units of kilogram by pressing the button on the scale’s bottom.
Users should place the scale on a flat and hard surface. Rough or uneven floors may have an impact on its accuracy. They will benefit from this weighing item as it provides a warranty in 5 years. Hence, if any individuals have difficulty in using the Taylor 7506, just send it to this device’s center and they'll help you take care of it.

Taylor 7506 Digital Glass Chrome Bathroom Scale

Taylor 7506 Bathroom Scale: Performance


Step on this scale with a 13" x 11.7" platform which is accompanied by chrome accents and instant weight reading up to 400 lbs. A large 3.2" x 1.5" LCD display illustrates measurements in 0.2 lb/0.1 kg increments, the Taylor's scale ensures you will receive extremely accurate results.

Low power consumption

The Taylor 7506 bathroom scale has a low power consumption. The auto-off feature and 1 branded CR2032 lithium which are unable to die or weaken during the lifetime of the scale, allows expanding the lifespan of a single set of batteries.

Sturdy glass platform

This device has a sturdy tempered glass platform that is available to weigh up to 400 pounds/180 kilograms. This platform looks great and is convenient to clean up. The top surface is attached to an industrial-style chrome base and measures 11.7 inches across- a spacious platform to stand on.

Step-on technology

This easy-to-use electronic bathroom scale does not require bending down to turn this bath scale on, just step on it. When you would like to weigh, just step on the glass platform, it will turn on and it is clear to see your weight readings immediately.

Taylor 7506 Digital Glass Chrome Bathroom Scale With Capstone-Shaped Design

Lightweight, good quality

Taylor 7506 Digital Glass Chrome Bathroom Scale is a compact product with an only 5 lbs total weight, which is appropriate to tight bathroom areas. This weighing item provides a five-year warranty. So, if the customers get any troubles with this Taylor 7506, just send it to the Taylor warranty center and they'll help you take care of it.
The price of this product is $29.99 at the publishing date.