Rosetta Stone is rated by users as one of the best premium software for building a foreign language foundation.

Rosetta Stone Language Learning

Rosetta Stone Language Learning
  • The truly innovative and unique approach
  • No explicit grammar
  • TruAccent™ voice recognition
  • Research-based
  • Above average range price

How does Rosetta Stone teach languages?

Rosetta Stone English App, Rosetta Stone Download, Rosetta Stone App Cost are keywords that have been searched a lot lately. We will help you answer all your questions about this new and exciting method of learning a foreign language.

Rosetta Stone is certainly not a strange brand for young people in the field of foreign languages. But is Rosetta Stone Language App that good? The answer is yes. Not only is it great for beginners, but it also offers a ton of additional content for more advanced learners. If you are new to a language and want to develop a solid foundation of vocabulary and grammar, then Rosetta Stone is a suitable choice. Rosetta Stone's lessons have a clear and logical structure. The learning rate can be controlled by the user himself. Incorporating Rosetta Stone in your honest language learning for several months will make it easy to learn to speak, read, write and understand basic words and phrases. Rosetta Apps is the best full-featured language learning software and the choice of many students today. Rosetta Stone Mobile is available in both Rosetta Stone IOS and Rosetta Stone Android versions for all users to experience.

Which languages does Rosetta Stone offer?

Rosetta Stone Language App offers lessons for 24 languages: English, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish (Latin America and Europe), Swedish, Tagalog (Filipino), Turkish and Vietnamese. It should be noted that not all languages are available on all platforms.

You may only select one language per short-term Rosetta Stone purchase. However, when you purchase a one-year or lifetime subscription, you won't be limited to the languages in the catalog. That way you can learn more and not be pressured about the time to finish the course.

Rosetta Stone App Review by TopFreeReviews

How does Rosetta Stone teach?

Rosetta Apps allows you to choose the vocabulary topics you want to build: travel, work, family, as well as formal and informal situations.

You start learning by reasoning to complete the exercises in the app. For example, when looking at a picture of a cat, you might hear the word cat two or three times. You then see pictures of both the cat and the dog and hear a new word. Thus, the new word means dog, through your prediction. You click on the dog image and tell it you're right. Rosetta Stone will play a trill harp. You can turn off that sound if you find it annoying. Same with any language.

Rosetta Stone offers lots of lectures with hands-on skills. When a new word pops up in your vocabulary, get ready to practice with it. Listening, speaking, writing, and choosing from a list of choices in multiple-choice questions are required tasks.

A great companion

Abundant vocabulary

Rosetta Stone provides consistent, predictable, stable, and reliable learning resources. Each language program is nearly identical, but there will be some cultural contexts that only appear in certain languages. For example, the words rice, bread, and milk may seem common, but in many other languages ​​and cultures cheese, potato, and yogurt are used more often. Rosetta Stone partially solved this problem thanks to additional materials. For example, the Spanish course in Latin America has new on-demand videos, a series of articles exploring languages ​​that are specific to Latin American coffee shop culture... Those are great materials and I hope Hope to see more. Currently, unfortunately, these videos are not available in all languages. The French course also includes extensive learning resources covering the bridges of Paris and several other topics.

Great design and interface

The interface of Rosetta Stone is carefully polished. Programs with almost no written instruction increase the focus on lesson content. Users can complete the lessons in order from easy to difficult or skip if they are too easy. You can view incomplete, completed lessons and each lesson's score from the dashboard easily.

You have more flexibility in choosing how you want to learn thanks to the landing page. Each lesson consists of a Core Lesson, additional modules (Pronunciation, Speaking, Reading, Listening, Vocabulary, Grammar, and Review). Thanks to the simple layout, it is easy for learners to choose the exercises they want to do. You can complete pronunciation exercises at home alone or focus on listening with the headphones available.

Your learning progress is always saved and synchronized when switching from the web to the mobile app and vice versa. No matter where you are, learning is simple.

Our review after the trial

We've tried Rosetta Stone in several languages ​​and have had familiar experiences. Rosetta Stone uses the same images whether you're learning Spanish, Italian, or any other language: same goldfish, same bowl of rice, same green bike... However, the Rosetta Stone team is working hard to diversify the images and learning resources and we appreciate the effort.

The reality is that some language learning has to be specific to a country, region, or culture. We appreciate the comprehensive combination in the images of Rosetta Stone. Typically you will see pictures of people from all over the world as you learn words for hello, goodbye, man, woman, etc.

Rosetta Stone App Price is not too high. Users can even try out the Rosetta Stone Free App before purchasing a course from this renowned educational developer.

A definite must-have when learning a language with software is learning at your own pace. Rosetta Stone will help you build a solid foundation, and your task is to make your speaking fluent. When you feel you have reached the maximum level with Rosetta Stone, you need to push yourself into real situations through conversations with friends or personal tutors to promote consistent use of the language. naturally instead of reacting to an application. Either way, we rate Rosetta Stone as capable of fulfilling its mission of building a solid grammar and vocabulary foundation for you with useful multi-functions.