Remitly provides users with a variety of payment options with easy-to-access customer service and a very convenient

Remitly Money Transfer Service

Remitly Money Transfer Service
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Funds your transfers with a credit card, debit card, or bank transfer
  • Options to receive money (Bank transfers, pick up points, home delivery, and mobile wallet transfers)
  • Easy tracking for both senders and recipients
  • Two plans to send money – Express and Economy
  • Fast transfer option
  • Doesn’t allow transfers between the 16 sender countries

Remitly - Safest And Fastest Money Transfer

How Remitly works

Remitly provides an online international money transfer service that helps people in the US, Canada, the Eurozone, Australia, and the UK send money to more than 85 countries around the world. Remitly Money Transfer is a digital alternative to traditional money transfer services that makes money transfers fast, safe, and relatively cheap.

World Remitly is optimized for mobile devices so that users can send money abroad using an online money transfer service or the Remitly app on their smartphone or tablet. Remitly serves its customers well in English, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Italian, Turkish, Romanian, and Vietnamese. Transferring money is easy because Remitly allows users to pay via bank transfer, debit, or credit card. Beneficiaries have a variety of options for how they receive funds: deposit the transferred funds into a bank account in their local currency, receive cash from any of the 140,000 agent locations worldwide in Remitly's network, transfer funds directly to a mobile wallet on a smart device or deliver funds to a home address.

Remitly Money Transfer provides users with a variety of payment options with easy-to-access customer service and a very convenient, easy-to-use interface. Remitly's ease of use was the most impressive thing about this company during our testing because it was fairly easy to open an account and deposit money, although its rather outdated website design sometimes makes me have a problem, especially when changing the destination country. However, we found that Remitly Logins is pretty good at putting what users need front and center, with clear communication about transmission limits being a particular standout.

Is Remitly trustworthy?

World Remittance Money Transfer provides security measures for user protection and fraud prevention so it is truly a secure money transfer service. The company says all Remitly accounts are verified using a variety of techniques to keep them safe and secure and prevent fraud. Furthermore, users need to provide certain identification before sending money through Remitly. In particular, what we find this service worthwhile is that Remitly uses manual and automated detection techniques and risk management procedures to detect and remove suspicious account activity. All transactions through this company's system are protected with strong technological security, including 256-bit SSL encryption with 2048-bit signatures.

If you don't, you'll get your money back because Remitly Customer Service guarantees 100% satisfaction. Users will get their full amount refunded if they cancel their transaction at any time prior to completion. If the transaction is completed but the user is not satisfied, Remitly will refund the user's fees in full.

With the financial strength and backing of investors, Remitly has now raised more than $100 million in venture capital funding from various notable investors, including the International Finance Corporation (IFC), part of the World Bank Group. Clients can have complete confidence in this organization because they have completed their next round of fundraising, which includes investments from Barclays, Bridge Bank, Goldman Sachs, Silicon Valley Bank, Owl Rock Capital, Princeville Global, Prudential Financial, Schroder & Co Bank AG, Top Tier Capital Partners, Generation Investment Management, DN Capital, Naspers' PayU and Stripes Group.

World Remittance Money Transfer is growing rapidly and is a well-run, secure and efficient business for international transactions and remittances for investors and venture capitalists. Remitly drives total transaction value and number of customers served from 200% to 400% annually and has hundreds of thousands of customers currently transferring a total of more than $6 billion annually through its services.

Remitly passed our test

Remitly is the ideal choice when you want to make the best international money transfers, especially when sending money to receive cash. Remitly only offers services in Western Europe, North America, Singapore, and Australia, and does not allow money transfers between these countries because it specifically targets immigrants sending money back home - the people it provides. Lots of destinations at great prices.

To gauge how Remitly performs, we've applied rigorous criteria to score Remitly alongside more than 20 of its most popular competitors. The scoring process begins when members of our review team set up a Remitly account and include thorough testing of its services both on desktop and mobile apps. We sifted through over a million comparisons on our own tool over the past three months to check how often Remitly is the cheapest and how often they offer competitive rates and analyze Remitly's fees and exchange rates. In addition, a member of our team examined 13 typical customer transactions for a supplier, such as a £1500 transfer from the UK to India, to determine if their fees were transparent or not. Finally, to review their security practices along with whether they have any publicly known legal, privacy, fraud, or technical issues, we conducted an audit background check on Remitly, to see how they are managed and by which agency. And all the indicators and conclusions of the report help us to put absolute confidence in this company.