Oscar is creating a healthier and more affordable life for everyone.

Oscar Health Insurance

Oscar Health Insurance
  • Member benefits (Oscar app and Doctor On-Call)
  • Customer service through its concierge team
  • Hospital and provider networks

Oscar Health Insurance - Care Tailored To Your Life

As the first health insurance company built on a comprehensive technology platform, Oscar is relentlessly focused on serving its members. They started creating the kind of health insurance company that acts as a family doctor in 2012 and have received the support of many customers. Oscar Health Insurance believes that every American deserves access to high-quality health care that is affordable and relevant to their lives. Oscar Health Insurance is suitable for families looking for the right coverage for toddlers and their busy parents, adults with chronic medical conditions, seniors, and everyone else. We appreciate the suite of services supported by Oscar's distinct full-stack technology platform, which helps them win the trust of their customers. It's easy for customers to find quality care they can afford with the power of personalized data. They have won massive engagement, trust, and satisfaction from over 529,000 industry-leading customers. During our survey, we learned that Oscar's goal won't change: to build trust, build engagement, and help their customers live healthier lives even as they continue to deliver a great experience great for new members, new states, and new markets.

Set aside challenges and frustrations with US healthcare

You may have heard some people complain that the US health care system is inferior to that of fairly advanced economies even though it is the largest and most expensive system in the world. This should not exist. To give more Americans access to the affordable, high-quality health care they deserve, Oscar Health Insurance is working to address our biggest shortfalls in health care service. Oscar Health Insurance begins by reorienting consumers' expectations of their insurance company and gaining customer trust - something that is far too rare in the health insurance industry.

Oscar Health Insurance Provider

Oscar Medicare Advantage

Oscar Health Insurance plans provide convenient and affordable care. In addition, premiums and deductibles are as low as $0, $0 dental, vision, and hearing benefits, and $0 copay for primary care visits.

Prescription savings

You can get prescription refills right over the phone and pay $0 for over 2,300 Tier 1 and Tier 2 generic drugs, depending on your plan.

A connected Care Team

To simplify your experience, your Care Team works closely with Oscar's team provider partners from coordinating your care to finding ways to save you money.

Suitable benefits for you

Provider terms allow customers to receive additional benefits each year with dental, vision, hearing, and over-the-counter. Furthermore, members also have memberships to Silver & Fit®2 fitness facilities nationwide and home exercise kits.

Health insurance made for you

Oscar Care: The whole team just for you

Customers using the service will be provided with personalized virtual care by Oscar Care. You will be comfortable at home and even at work or on the go. Plus, you can book provider appointments for $0 anytime, anywhere with Osca's Virtual Urgent Care and Virtual Primary Care. To answer your questions and guide you through the care you need at the right time, each Oscar client is also paired with a dedicated Care Team.

$0 prescription

When prescribed through virtual Oscar Urgent Care or Oscar Virtual Primary Care, many common prescriptions are slashed by Oscar Health Insurance to $0.

Find a doctor easily

When you purchase an Oscar Health Insurance plan, you get access to the top hospitals and doctors in your area. When needed, you can see a specialist without a referral.

Get paid to Walk

Have you ever thought about getting paid to walk? Get fit and get richer with the Oscar app that syncs with Google Fit or Apple Health. When you reach your step goal, you can earn $1 per day. One year of sale can pocket a maximum sum of $100. It's not a huge amount, but it's a reward for your efforts.

We appreciate what Oscar Health Insurance has achieved

Oscar was founded in 2012 with a mission to provide consumers with access to the high-quality, affordable healthcare they deserve. Oscar Health Insurance believes that health plans in the Individual market are where their member-first approach sets them apart. Our strategy has been proven after only seven years of selling health insurance in the Individual market.

Oscar is now known as the third-largest for-profit national insurer in the US Individual market by membership according to several recent reports. They expanded to Small Groups in 2017 and Medicare Advantage in 2020. We've gathered information on Oscar Health Insurance and know that as of 2021, Oscar Health Insurance has at least one health plan in 291 counties. across 18 states and is expected to expand in the coming years both in terms of insurance markets and geography.

It is for the above reasons that we recommend that you refer to the insurance packages of this company to be able to own a comprehensive protection measure for yourself most effectively and economically.