Learn more about what LinkedIn NASBA Continuing Professional Education (CPE) offers, including learning Excel, project management, etc.

LinkedIn NASBA Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

LinkedIn NASBA Continuing Professional Education (CPE)
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LinkedIn NASBA Continuing Professional Education (CPE) - Is It Worth It In 2021?

LinkedIn Learning provides hundreds of courses to help students maintain their competence and achieve new skills. LinkedIn NASBA Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses focus on different subjects, including marketing skills, Microsoft Project, information technology, as well as Salesforce. At the end of the LinkedIn learning courses, you have to do a final exam and get a certificate of completion.

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How do we know if LinkedIn NASBA Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses are eligible for you?

How do we search for these LinkedIn Learning courses? Well, first of all, we search for NASBA CPE courses on the platform. There are 20,919 results appearing for learners to choose from.

Learners can obtain reasonable and easily accessible CPE credits thanks to the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy's approval of training courses. In 2015, LinkedIn combined Lynda.com to launch LinkedIn Learning for helping individuals with new skills. Real-world professors offer video tutorials and transcripts for online learning courses. In 2018, LinkedIn Learning was a part of the NASBA Registry. It now offers access to many NASBA-approved courses and allows learners to gain Linkedin Learning CPE credits.

Ease of use

LinkedIn Learning Price is affordable. This subject covers different courses, like LinkedIn Learning Excel, Microsoft Office, LinkedIn Learning Project Management, SharePoint, Salesforce, etc. If you have the membership, you are able to access non-CPE-related subjects, like staff development, client services, and more.

Before buying LinkedIn learning courses, users obtain a one-month free trial. It offers unlimited access without paying any fee. But you have to pay for membership on a monthly or annual basis when the trial period expires.
Upon completion of a LinkedIn course, learners have to correctly complete 70% of quiz questions to get CPE certificates. Plus, they can easily download and print CPE certificates for their different goals.

High-quality content

You are planning to start your own business. You want to establish your thought, leadership skill, or try to improve your career. Opt for a course on LinkedIn NASBA Continuing Professional Education (CPE) such as Learning Personal Branding, and prepare yourself and your mind. Lecturers will show you how to tell and develop your story, craft the messaging, and define your target audience. These courses also teach you how to build online or off brands, helping you attract customers through social media. Furthermore, LinkedIn professors showcase how to develop fresh and appealing content.

Students can practice while learning by completing exercise files. The system will give zip exercise files and your mission is to follow the lecture, including watching, listening, and practicing.

View offline

Many people find LinkedIn CPE courses convenient and useful because it enables users to download courses and learn on the go. We mean that you should download the course through a mobile app and follow the lecture without accessing the Internet.

On both iOS and Android systems, LinkedIn Learning is available. Hence, download this app today to try out and gain more education.

Is LinkedIn NASBA Continuing Professional Education (CPE) worth it?

LinkedIn NASBA CPE is without a doubt one of the best online learning networks available to a wide range of learners. Study many topics, gain more knowledge, beautify resumes, and the list of benefits goes on. All LinkedIn courses are designed to get everyone, including students, workers, and business owners, to love studying, growing, and developing themselves.

All video players are well-produced and transcripts of LinkedIn tutorials are clear and easy to understand. We love their teaching style as they always stimulate learners' engagement.
Getting the right course in LinkedIn NASBA Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is also really easy. By selecting a few factors, such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Power BI, Amazon Web Services, and more, you will quickly find a tailored course to match your interest.

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