Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer is renowned not only for its quick and accurate results but also for its convenient and practical application

Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer

Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer
  • Fast measurements
  • Provides health guidance
  • Separate profiles for family members
  • Personalized guidance based on age, fever, and symptoms
  • COVID-19 symptom and diagnosis support
  • Only works in the ears
  • Groups feature depends on other Kinsa users

Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer - The Smartest Device For Measuring Body Temperature

Design and Features

Kinsa Digital Thermometer

Made of BPA- and latex-free green plastic with white trim, Kinsa uses two standard AAA batteries that come in the box. We installed them by sliding open a compartment on the bottom, where we also found a toggle for Celsius or Fahrenheit measurements. On the top half, we see a monochrome display that shows the status Bluetooth pairing status, battery, and temperature information, with an appropriate smiley or non-smiling face. Above the screen we see the power button and below it is the Kinsa logo. The Kinsa Smart Thermometer ends with a flat metal tip that goes into the ear. Kinsa Smart Thermometer comes with a plastic protective cap that snaps over the top for easy storage.

We turn on Kinsa Ear Thermometer by pressing the big white button. Kinsa Smart Thermometer is immediately prepared to pair with our phone via Bluetooth. After we paired through the Kinsa app it took about 30 seconds, the Kinsa Smart Thermometer was ready to use. We have read the temperature displayed in the app. All we had to do was enter a name, read it and add any additional symptoms we noticed.

Once in our ears, we heard the thermometer beep, which, to let us know the temperature was recorded, took just a second. Kinsa Thermometer shows temperatures from 93.1 degrees to 108 degrees Fahrenheit or 34 to 42.4 degrees Celsius. We can record up to 50 temperatures and we can later sync with the Kinsa app.

Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer Review By TopFreeReviews

Kinsa app

Kinsa's app is truly a great resource. It not only stores the user's temperature readings so they can review them later but also provides them with an encyclopedic knowledge base to help treat the symptoms they're experiencing. Now, the only problem we have with the Kinsa Smart Thermometer is that it is geared towards younger people. However, today, the use of smartphones for the elderly is not too big of a problem. 

One of the main reasons the majority of customers want a tracking option like this is that they have older people in their families. People often have compromised immune systems due to battle with diseases. Therefore, every time they feel weak, we need to closely monitor, record symptoms and fever to provide information to doctors or other professionals in case they need medical care. professional economics. Elderly people are probably the main reason for customers to need a smart thermometer in their home as elderly people can sometimes act quite like children. They sometimes can't hold a position or have a hard time keeping a thermometer in their mouth, etc. We'd love to see Kinsa update their references in the near future to include more precise ages for people in that population. This type of update is a software update via an app and really has nothing to do with the Kinsa Smart Thermometer itself.

We were convinced by Kinsa

We quickly fell in love with this tiny thermometer. Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer makes a housewife's housework so much easier. Although we prefer infrared thermometers, we have always felt that the thermometer in contact with the patient is the most accurate. Kinsa Smart Thermometer is a good choice, and to get accurate results with it, users have to insert the probe very far into the ear canal. If you're experiencing headaches or earaches, that can make you a little uncomfortable. However, for the majority of consumers, we would recommend Kinsa Ear Thermometer as the best smart choice for thermometers.

You can learn more about the instructions for the use and care of the thermometer through the Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer Manual. Hope our Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer Reviews bring a lot of useful information.