is a useful online education platform providing courses in a variety of subjects, like Science, Technology, and more

Brilliant Courses

Brilliant Courses
  • 7-days free trial available
  • Master essential skills
  • Game-like lessons
  • Large catalog of expansive practice
  • iOS App Store and Google Play
  • Award-winning teachers, researchers, and professionals
  • Limited course option (STEM only)

Brilliant - The Best Interactive Learning Experience

You are looking for a good website that helps you self-learn during the time of COVID quarantine. You are finding an online course that helps build your skills and critical thinking in different subjects. If so, this Brilliant Courses Review will show you all you need and expect.

Brilliant is a famous online learning platform today and its course content on the website is right for different candidates. And there is an abundance of students finding these self-learning courses effective and to be worth every penny. The aim of Brilliant learning courses is to help people learn and recall knowledge concepts. Plus, it helps them fortify their academic prowess as well as improve some essential skills.

Brilliant courses are great for individuals who really want to build their skills in STEM disciplines. We claim this because we tested it before writing this Brilliant website review. It allows you access to the online system and offers subscription-based quizzes, lessons, and services. Now, dive into our words to learn more about their course content and what you can expect from this platform.

Brilliant Self-learning Courses Review By TopFreeReviews

Who is Brilliant for?

The best thing this online platform does is to create a large community of people who want to learn. They claim that Brilliant courses are made for every audience at different levels, people from 10 to 110 years. It means that their users are diverse, maybe students, professionals, hobbyists or enthusiasts, and lifelong learners.

For students, Brilliant will help them master concepts in topics by solving problems. They will build STEM intuition instead of remembering formulas. Believe us or you can search for Brilliant courses reviews to learn more experience. If you are a lifelong learner, we advise you to choose fun and guided exercises from interesting subjects. They will keep your interest and enhance your critical thinking skills. That’s why many learners highly recommend these Brilliant learning courses.

What subjects can you learn in Brilliant courses?

They have many courses in various STEM-related subjects, including Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. With Brilliant, you will have chances to access game-like lessons, learn better, and have less stress.

Before learning with this platform, make sure that you have a Brilliant account. Utilize your Facebook or Google account if you want to sign up easily and simply. Then you can choose the course and challenges for your specific demands. If you like learning Math, feel free to choose Foundational Math or Advanced Math. Similarly, opt for Foundational Computer Science topics if you want to update a new skill.

Brilliant Pricing

The website has two types of subscriptions, free and premium. Of course, the premium package costs higher and has more features.

If you subscribe free, you are able to try a free preview of each Brilliant course and new problems in the Today tab. The free package enables you to experience new quizzes and challenges every day, refer to wiki relating to subjects, get community discussion, and more.

The Premium package lets you unlock all courses and Daily Challenges to improve your skill. In addition to all features the Free package provides, the Premium one allows learners to unlock the entire Daily Challenges archive, utilize offline mode on mobile apps, ​take part in guided courses as well as added practice.

There are 3 payment plans for Brilliant Premium subscription you can choose from. The first plan is a 3-month subscription and you have to pay for 263,200VND/month (set at the time of publishing) if you pick it. The price of the annual plan is 1,968,000VND/year (the price is set at the time of the publication) and you will get 20% off in case you pay for the whole year as one payment. The last one is an annual group subscription for 3+ people, and its price is ​3,959,988VND/year (set at the time of publishing). But the price will change depending on the number of members in the group.

If you don't know whether Brilliant is good for you, we recommend you subscribe and use a trial first. The trial lasts seven days and we think it's enough for exploring and testing all content on the website.

After all, having a free trial helps you feel more confident when using this platform. We've tried many education platforms but not all of them have free trials. And we think that many users leave five-star and best Brilliant App reviews because of this useful feature.

To sum up

During this Brilliant Courses Review, we found that this education platform is very much worth it. We were impressed with the knowledge of difficult topics that they provide. All the courses and information on computer science, math, and more are very entertaining. Also, there are many positive Brilliant Puzzles reviews on many review sites. All in all, Brilliant courses are an awesome resource that incorporates learning with fun! Try it and experience it now.