Braun ThermoScan® 7 is the #1 thermometer trusted by top doctors in the United States and the best choice to monitor the health of family members.

Braun Thermoscan® 7

Braun Thermoscan® 7
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Quick measure and easy read
  • Remember the last 9 temperature
  • Easily switches the models between Fahrenheit and Celsius

Braun Thermoscan® 7 - Thermometer Equipped With The Most Modern Technology

The Braun No Touch Forehead Thermometer uses proprietary preheating technology to minimize the cooling effect of the cool probe and maintain accuracy when making repeatable measurements. In addition, ExacTemp Positioning technology helps the Braun Thermoscan® 7 Ear Thermometer give precise positioning tips to keep accuracy. The provider also designed a window on the transducer to prevent damage to the eardrum, regardless of the patient's age. Therefore, we can rest assured when using Braun Thermoscan® 7 Ear Thermometer for children.
The Braun No Touch Forehead Thermometer takes the guesswork out of it for non-professionals by helping you interpret your child's temperature based on their exact age. You'll get the precision and peace of mind you need with the new Age Precision® technology. The memory of the Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer With Exactemp Technology allows for the memorization of 9 relevant temperature readings and provides continuous temperature accuracy.
The Sraun IRT6500 may be a bit more expensive than others on the market today but it can read faster and more accurately. The Braun Thermoscan® 7 Ear Thermometer has a good temperature guide. Users simply select their child's age and measure the temperature, based on the child's age, the color-coded display will help them understand the temperature reading. We highly recommend the Braun Thermoscan® 7 Ear Thermometer for the responsiveness it demonstrated in our tests.

Braun ThermoScan® 7 Review By TopFreeReviews

The Most Modern Technology

Age Precision® Technology

Before we talk about this technology, we want to emphasize that fever in 3 months old baby is different from toddler or adult. The ThermoScan® 7 ear thermometer features new Age Precision® technology that helps us take the guesswork out of testing with children aged 0-3 months, 3-36 months, and 36 months and up. Thanks to the color-coded display, we were able to quickly interpret the reading based on the child's age.

ExacTemp® Positioning System

During the temperature measurement, we see the ExacTemp® light pulse. The light stays solid for 3 seconds to let us know a successful temperature reading has been obtained. If the probe has been properly inserted into the ear canal during the measurement, a long beep will be heard indicating that the measurement is complete. A short sequence of beeps will sound, the ExacTemp® light will turn off, and an error message will be displayed on the display if the probe is not placed continuously in a stable position in the ear canal. We found this feature of the Braun Ear Thermometer very useful, especially for newbies.

Disposable Lens Filter

The Braun Thermoscan Lens Filters indicator blinks to signal to us that a filter is needed. To achieve accurate measurements, we need to ensure that a new, clean lens filter is placed before each measurement. We attached the new lens filter by pushing the thermometer probe straight into the lens filter inside the box and then pulling it out. Keep in mind that the Braun ThermoScan 7 will not work unless a lens filter is attached.

Fahrenheit or Celsius

All Braun ThermoScan 7 IRT6520s ship with the Celsius (°C) temperature scale activated. To switch to Fahrenheit (°F) and/or back from Fahrenheit to Celsius, we did the following: Turn off the thermometer before pressing and holding the Power button. After about 3 seconds we see the display will show this sequence: °C / SET / °F / SET. We released the Power button when the desired temperature scale was displayed. We heard a short beep to confirm the new setting. We then see the thermometer turn off automatically.

We chose the Braun ThermoScan® 7

We chose the Braun ThermoScan® 7 with patented Age Precsion® technology to conduct our survey of thermometers that provide accurate temperature readings. A premium German brand, the Braun IRT6520Braun ThermoScan® has been regarded by the consumer community as the benchmark for accuracy and is widely used and endorsed by doctors throughout Europe. Braun No Touch Forehead Thermometer offers excellent measurement accuracy and has been the best family thermometer for children recently when compared to other brands. We hope that the Braun Thermoscan® 7 Review is helpful in choosing your thermometer.