Best Soda Makers will bring your whole family a great drink this summer
With Best Water Carbonator, we can enjoy pure or flavored carbonated water, used as a substitute for sugary colas, or added to cocktails. Whether we call it filtered water, soft drink, fizzy water, or fizzy water, carbonated H2O is trending and for good reason: those bubbles turn stale water into a versatile beverage more active and interesting.
Investing in a homemade soft drink maker can help you break the store-bought habit if you're a bubbly drinker. Besides saving money in the long run, soft drink maker gives users control over the ingredients in their drinks and is an eco-friendly option as it will waste fewer bottles and cans bought at the store into the trash more.
Soda makers make carbonated water for your family members in seconds by injecting CO2 - that is carbon dioxide - into plain water from a replaceable cartridge. Some of the soda machines we selected for our survey can even be used to add fizz to other beverages such as juices and teas.

Best Soda Maker

Sodastream Fizzi

The Sodastream Fizzi is one of the trendiest soda machines on the market today

Sodastream Fizzi

How it works: Cordless How to fizz: Manual, Control your fizz level by manually pressing the button Cylinder Insertion: Classic screw system Bottle Material: Reusable BPA free plastic Dishwasher safe bottles: Not included (can be purchased separately) Compatible bottles: 1L and 0.5L Dimensions (Inches): Height: 16.8 (open/closed) Stay Hydrated Limitless Taste Save the Planet

Stay HydratedSparkling water maker
Carbonating cylinder
Lime bubly drops™
Free shipping
3-year warranty
SodaStream makes great products suitable for households that love carbonated water and Fizzi is one of the best products this supplier has launched. Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker is simple to use and the more people use it, the more they save compared to the bottler.
Drinking quality carbonated water at less than half the cost of what customers are used to is definitely a big advantage. SodaStream makes a lot of more expensive models but for us, Fizzi is the most practical and economical. With its slim design, simple usage, and attractive appearance, users will have no problem leaving the Sodastream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker on the tabletop. However, you need to make sure that the bottle and its liquid are cold before carbonizing for best results.
To make good carbonated water easily and quickly, SodaStream Fizzi does exactly what it is supposed to do. We can add syrups, fruit juices, or flavors to make any soda or seltzer we want. Keeping everyone's recipes healthy is also a big improvement over sugary store brand drinks.
The Fizzi is so handy in the home that even if the user is not a former fizzy drinker, they will be. And not only will more water be good for each family member, but they'll enjoy every sip with SodaStream Fizzi.
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Drinkmate Sparkling Water and Soda Maker

The DrinkMate Home Carbonization System is a great idea for anyone looking for a sleek and affordable soft drink dispenser

Drinkmate Sparkling Water and Soda Maker

Drinkmate carbonation beverage maker machine 1 BPA-free 1 Liter reusable carbonating bottle Fizz Infuser Uses 60L CO2 carbonator cylinders from Drinkmate or SodaStream (not included in this bundle) Easy to operate, easy to clean - no electricity or batteries required Available in 3 decorative finishes to match your decor. Stock up on more CO2 Supplies here as well Dimensions 8” L x 5” W x 16” H 2-year manufacturer warranty

Carbonates any beverage
Sleek and compact design
No electricity or batteries needed
Compatible with any CO2 cartridges
Not including a full-size CO2 canister
The DrinkMate soda maker comes with a pressure relief valve so that the user can use it after the carbonation process is complete. To operate it, you need to click the bottle out of the machine and press a small blue button to release the pressure and open the cap. It's a small extra step for the Drinkmate Soda Maker, but when compared to other popular soda makers that automatically release pressure, this seems a bit inconvenient.
The most unique thing about Drinkmate Sparkling Water And Soda Maker is that this appliance can hold more than water due to its pressure relief valve. If the user tries to carbonate the juice or wine in a standard carbonated, it will cause a big mess because the carbonate level is too high, and it may also damage the Drinkmate Spritzer and void the warranty. All we can say is that having the option of more carbonation than water with DrinkMate is a big differentiator from other competitors. Drinkmate Soda Maker makes hosting get-togethers a little more fun, as we can offer guests custom carbonated cocktails.

Sodastream One Touch

Sodastream One Touch is one of the best soda machines on the market today

Sodastream One Touch

How it works: Electric How to fizz: Automatic, Control your fizz level with 3 automatic options Cylinder Insertion: Classic screw system Bottle Material: Reusable BPA free plastic Dishwasher safe bottles: Not included (can be purchased separately) Compatible bottles: 1L and 0.5L Dimensions (Inches): Height: 16.8 (open/closed) Sparkling water maker Carbonating cylinder 1L bottle (x3) 0.5-liter bottles x2 Lime bubly drops™ Free shipping 3-year warranty Stay Hydrated Limitless Taste Save the Planet

3 pre-set levels of bubbles at a single touch
Limitless Taste
3-year warranty
Stay Hydrated
Save the Planet
Users can use the SodaStream Spirit One Touch Sparkling Watermaker with more and more organic and sugar-free Soda Press Co flavors made for SodaStream now available to experience the wonderfully sweet taste of the carbonated drink without the usual guilt - the same is true regarding SodaStream and the environment.
Reusable SodaStream bottles are a clear ecological alternative to single-use plastic bottles that end up in landfills and floating in our oceans in millions of tons. On the plus side, users can reuse SodaStream's C02 cylinders, and can also return them to Sodastream One Touch Electric to clean and refill them.
So, with the health and environmental advantages in mind, we tried out the brand new Sodastream One Touch Generator for this Sodastream Fizzi One Touch Sparkling Water Maker Reviews. As the mercury rises, we can't wait to make carbon dioxide! Continue reading our Fizzi One Touch Sodastream review and check out various Sodastream Fizzi One Touch recipes where we'll show you how to use SodaStream syrup flavors and how to use SodaStream carbonated water to make more Energize fresh fruit juices (or in this case, paloma and mojito!). Our tests will also show you how SodaStream carbonated water adds amazing new impetus to pancakes.

SodaStream Penguin Sparkling Water Maker

SodaStream Penguin Sparkling Water Maker is not only different in design but also offers a great user experience thanks to extremely useful features

SodaStream Penguin Sparkling Water Maker

Fun and easy to use Customize carbonation to impart just the right amount of fizz Eco-friendly alternative to store-bought water at a fraction of the price No batteries or electricity Package Dimensions 18.2 x 12 x 7.7 inches Item Weight 11.95 pounds Made in Israel Over 50 available SodaMix flavorsSodaStream Penguin 2 year Mfg. Warranty Earth Friendly Received the 2011 GREEN HOUSE Award! Kit Includes: Penguin home soda maker, One 60L CO2 carbonator to fizz up to 60 carafes, 2 Reusable cut glass carafe w/fizz preserving caps 2 elegant, reusable glass carafes with fizz-preserving closures Carbonates elegant glass bottles One-of-a-kind sleek Penguin design Seal and push to carbonate SodaStream Penguin Available in Silver

Over 50 available SodaMix flavorsSodaStream Penguin
Reusable cut glass carafe w/fizz preserving caps
No required batteries or electricity
Over 50 available SodaMix flavorsSodaStream Penguin
Sodastream Penguin Sparkling Water Maker is an easy and economical way for users to create carbonated water for homemade soft drinks, drinks, and cocktails. We found that the Penguin device is sleek, easy to use, and requires no batteries or electricity. These features make the Penguin Seltzer Maker the perfect machine not only for home use but also for barbecues, parties or while traveling. Enjoy saving money and creating fresh drinks with this machine. Furthermore, users can choose the amount of carbonate for each bottle, then add juice or garnish or use the ready-to-drink flavors provided by SodaStream.
The Sodastream Penguin Carafe Soda Maker has a great design when placed on a tabletop, and at 18 inches tall, it's small enough to slip into a cabinet with ease. Penguin Sodastream comes with two carafes of dishwasher-safe glass, minimizing plastic use and being eco-friendly. Penguin Sodastream stoppers are specially designed to retain foam. Users can purchase additional carafes, lids, and cartridges allowing them to keep a variety of drinks on hand at all times. Penguin Seltzer Maker's food-grade CO2 carbonation cartridges are easy to install and change. Users must use Alco2Jet CO2 replacement devices for it to run correctly and safely. Finally, we want to emphasize that each can of CO2 will carbonate up to 60 carafes of water.

Best Soda Makers Reviews: What to Look for in a Soda Maker

How we tested

Most of  the soft drink producers we selected for testing were gas canister carbonate manufacturers, relying on a pressurized carbon dioxide canister to introduce carbonation into a liquid. The gas is released through a siphon during operation and then it is forced into the water in a sealed bottle. Making soda at home with Best Sparkling Water Maker is a great alternative as it cuts down on the number of plastic bottles users bring home from the store and then recycles after one use. Users are sure to get more use out of them than their average store-bought seltzer, although the bottles that come with most soft drink manufacturers have an expiration date and must be replaced every few days. year. CO2 cartridges can last quite a while and can be exchanged and refilled through retailer websites and at some stores.

Our seasoned product testers compiled a list of the Best Seltzer Maker on the market and tested each soda maker using it with carbonated water, before adding the syrup- Check (Strawberry Soda Syrup and Lime Honey Soda) to check how the fizz factor is maintained over time. As he tested each model, he carefully noted each of the following: machine durability, quick and easy operation, cost of maintenance, ease of cleaning, and machine friendliness. to wash dishes,...

He first evaluated each machine by reading the assembly and operating instructions and took notes on how to use it right out of the box. He then used water that had been cooled overnight and tested the highest carbonation setting for each model. Finally, he had several colleagues taste identical glasses of water to gauge the carbonation levels, and tasted the water for himself.

During the tests, our test character found that there was very little difference in noise level, carbonation time, and amount of carbonization between different models. All machines he has successfully tested are equally quiet, capable of carbonating to a lesser or stronger degree, and take 3–10 seconds to carbonate.

Best Soda Makers Reviews By TopFreeReviews

What to consider


Before investing in a soft drink machine, users ask themselves: How are we going to use it? Most soda makers today will simply carbonate water and ask the user to add any desired flavoring afterward. However, some of the more popular models on the market recently can carbonate any liquid, from iced tea to juice to cocktails and more.

Make sure yours is working properly if the whole reason you bought a soft drink machine is so you can turn the wine into bubbly. There are many basic models available at a much lower cost if the user simply wants to make carbonated water to add to other drinks or enjoy on its own.

Countertop vs. Handheld

Consider going for a handheld model if you don't have space because we all know kitchen space is valuable real estate. Over-the-counter soft drink machines still take up counter space even though they're not much larger than single-serve espresso machines.
Plus, taking handheld models to a picnic in the park or a weekend getaway seems like a great idea. We've rounded up several recycling options to choose from in this review, from siphons to all-in-one soft drinks bottles.


Investing in a soft drink maker means you have all of that CO2 to keep buying back, not a one-time purchase. The soda makers we cover in Best Carbonated Water Maker Reviews all work by injecting CO2 into water or other liquids. This CO2 comes from replaceable containers or cartridges that users will need to purchase as a bundle with their soda dispenser or individually.

Some soft drink manufacturers will only work with a certain size while others may comply with a variety of different sized CO2 tanks. It's best to use a soda maker with a larger CO2 tank so that you don't have to keep replacing it if you plan to make soda regularly. But you can save money by buying small CO2 canisters instead of full-size ones if you're buying a soft drink dispenser for occasional use.