We reviewed and created a list of the best online creative writing courses that help you achieve your creative writing goals
Creative writing courses have now become an essential element of anyone's development. Whether it's a company plan, content marketing, producing articles, writing blogs, fiction, video scripts & advertisements, or social media material, writing skill plays a crucial role everywhere and every aspect. Best creative writing online courses provide an in-depth, self-paced education that equips students with the necessary abilities to execute any type of writing job. Also, the best online creative writing course comes in handy when new and experienced writers want to raise the level to beautify their resumes. In some cases, a writing certificate or degree can result in a good promotion and decent compensation. Freelance writers hope to start a new career and get extra money by providing a variety of writing services to their clientele.
In this light, finding the best creative writing classes online is critical. And in this review, we will review some top courses to help you decide which ones are right for you to get started your writing career. Some courses are paid, while others are free; it is up to you to decide whether to achieve creative writing degrees online or simply improve your skills and knowledge.

Best Online Creative Writing Course

Shaw Academy Online Creative Writing Course

Take Shaw Academy Creative Writing Course Online and learn how to write great stories, blogs, as well as enhance your storytelling techniques

Shaw Academy Online Creative Writing Course

Lifetime access to all lessons Unique lessons created by industry experts Exams & continuous assessments 20+ hours of learning per course Live educator chat support All modules include exams Unlimited access Learn at your pace Test your knowledge Upskill at no extra cost Globally recognized certification $69.99 /month 4 modules 8 lessons 4 weeks duration 74,536 graduates 4 weeks free unlimited access

Suit all levels
Access all modules & courses
Modules include exams
Unique lessons curated by in-house experts
Flexible time and classes
What is your purpose for writing? Some write for reports, informs, while others write to tell stories and present ideas.
But have you ever heard about creative writing?
Are there any creative writing courses online?
In fact, creative writing presents many advantages. Keep in mind that good writing is a craft, and a work of literature or fiction is good or not depending on your skill. Online creative writing courses can teach you to build blocks of a creative story, such as character, setting, and plot. They help you write creative stories and show you how to use storytelling techniques to achieve originality. However, each online creative writing course varies on the price, content, and purposes. Hence, before picking a course, you should consider your budget and the writing process you would like to learn more about.
In this post, we want to focus more on the Shaw Creative Writing Course Online. It works to enhance your prose to the next writing level as well as help you discover how to write for publications. These Shaw Academy courses now attract more and more candidates and there are 74,536 graduated students. Keep reading our Shaw Academy Creative Writing Review to learn more about this creative writing course.

Skillshare Creative Writing Course

Skillshare Creative Writing Courses allows learners to take up multiple courses around different aspects and techniques of writing

Skillshare Creative Writing Course

Related Skills: Creative, Creative Nonfiction, Ebooks, Editorial Writing, Fiction, Publishing, Screenwriting, Storytelling, Writing, Writing & Publishing Get 1 free month of Skillshare Premium Unlimited access to thousands of inspiring classes Taught by industry leaders & working professionals Explore your creativity Discover Lifelong Learning Learn from anywhere Get inspired Learn new skills Share expertise Video lessons

Get inspired
Learn new skills
Make discoveries
An online learning community with various classes
Learn offline with Skillshare's app
Skillshare is an excellent resource for e-learning courses. Skillshare courses enable lecturers to teach their own classes and share their skills as well as knowledge with the online learning community. Learners can access thousands of courses in just about anything connected to photography, film & video, graphic design, and creative writing work by signing up for a subscription to Skillshare.
There are plenty of great Skillshare writing classes for writers to pick from. Editorial writing, screenwriting, storytelling, character development, crafting an interesting plot, and how to make your words more artful, all skills and subjects are covered in these Skillshare courses.
We tested and write down this Skillshare Creative Writing Courses review in order to assist writers and others succeed and develop their craft. All Skillshare courses are taught by experienced and trained creators who share their knowledge on topics such as creative writing, editing, getting published, and more.
You no need to enroll in expensive university courses to study and master the best writing tips. The best writing classes on Skillshare have all you need. You can get started right now by signing up for Skillshare and learn from your own home.

Best Online Creative Writing Course Reviews For Beginners And Everyone Else

What to do before choosing a creative writing course?

Keep in mind that there are many online creative writing classes out there and they vary in price, course's content, and so on. Before enrolling in an online course, you have to determine what part of the writing process you hope to learn and improve as well as your budget.

Set your goals when taking the best online creative writing course

Before you invest money in a writing course, think about what you're writing, who you're writing for, and what your ultimate learning goal is. A nonfiction writer, for instance, is likely to have different creative ambitions than a novelist. The new writers are looking for their writing styles, whereas the experienced writers may be interested in expanding their world.

Whether you choose creative writing courses online free or paid, they all improve your writing skills. If you only want to learn new skills, free courses are suitable for you. But you hope to develop your writing skills and work as a professional writer, the paid ones are ideal options. Discover and seek concepts of writing styles and learn how to use arts of writings, symbolism, metaphor, and so on.

Know your course budget

Next, you have to know how much the course costs and are willing to invest in online classes. However, there are many best free online creative writing courses available for learners to choose from. For example, Shaw Academy provides a free Diploma in Creative Writing course for four weeks to help newbies and other learners have a basic understanding of this field. This platform also has affordable courses if you want to view more about creative writing topics. Hence, step up to more advanced paid online classes once you have covered the free course.

Best Online Creative Writing Courses Reviews By TopFreeReviews

How can the best creative writing classes online help me improve my skill?

We used to attend online creative writing classes, and it truly helped us boost our writing in several ways. In the first lesson, we studied writing basics and our instructor was funny and enthusiastic. In the next lessons, the teacher taught us how to use literary techniques and showed real examples to help me understand better. My friend said that he loves the way the lecturer introduced students to new concepts and knowledge. After several online classes, we finally found and developed our unique voices and writing styles. Well, of course, the teacher discussed and indicated our weaknesses in writing, then helped us edit as well as refine our works. Of course, taking creative writing classes helped us improve and hone our skills further. Back then, we got creative writing degrees online after completing the course.

Well, if you want to start your career as a writer or author, we highly recommend enrolling in the best creative writing classes online. We encourage you to get feedback and support from lecturers or other writers as they are experienced and give you handy advice.

To sum up, depending on your demand, the best online creative writing courses can be worth your time, money, as well as effort. Opt for budget-friendly courses if you are a hobbyist writer, they will not let you down. Also, considered the course content, instructor credibility, and value of the course if you plan to register for an online course. Our reviews are based on our analysis, experiences, and users' reviews. Hopefully, you can find your best course from the list above.

Shaw Academy Creative Writing Courses
Shaw Academy Creative Writing Courses
Shaw Academy Creative Writing Courses
University approved & Update your resume Test your knowledge & Learn at your pace Upskill at no extra cost & One month free Live educator chat support 20+ hours of learning per course Exams & continuous assessments Unique lessons curated by in-house experts Lifetime access to all lessons & Globally accredited certifications 4 Free Weeks
View Deal From $69.99 /month
Linkedin Learning Creative Writing Courses
Linkedin Learning Creative Writing Courses
Linkedin Learning Creative Writing Courses
Expert instructors Unlimited library access Certificate of completion Personalized for users Interactive learning Exercise files and course quizzes Bite-sized videos, in‑depth content, audio‑only or offline viewing First-month free Learn on your device at anytime
View Deal From $19.99 / mo. (annually)
Skillshare Creative Writing Courses
Skillshare Creative Writing Courses
Skillshare Creative Writing Courses
Unlimited access to thousands of classes on a wide variety of topics Creative comunity, get support and feedback on real, hands-on projects Offline access, download classes to your tablet or phone with the Skillshare app No ads, watch your classes with no interruptions Supports teachers, your membership funds the royalty pool that pays teachers every month Perks, Annual Premium Members get discounts on exciting creative resources, services, and benefits
View Deal From $13.99 / mo.
Udemy Creative Writing Courses
Udemy Creative Writing Courses
Udemy Creative Writing Courses
Over 155,000 online video courses Multiple categories: Design, Development, Marketing, IT & Software, Personal Development, Business, Photography, Music Unlimited access to 6,000+ of Udemy’s top courses Transform your life through education iOS and Android apps Offline viewing, Chromecast, and AirPlay 56K instructors 65+ languages 40 million learners 480 million course enrollments 7,000+ enterprise customers 115 million minutes of video
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