We created a list of Top Wealth Management Firms 2021 to make it easy for you to find a financial advisor to increase your wealth.

Best Investment Advisors 2021

Greenlight Investment Advisors

Greenlight debit cards became famous because they were designed to help teach kids about money, and it impressed us with their functionality

Greenlight Investment Advisors

Buy fractional shares of your favorite companies Start investing with as little as $1 No trading fees Parents approve every trade, right from the app Greenlight Black Card Priority customer support Identity theft protection Cell phone protection Purchase protection

Coverage for damaged
Priority customer support
Identity theft protection
Cell phone protection
Purchase protection
Founded in 2014 by co-founders Tim Sheehan and Johnson Cook, Greenlight is a fintech company that currently serves over 3 million users and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.
Through the website, we learned that Greenlight claims to help families raise financially smart kids by providing a debit card that parents can use to pay allowances and track expenses. pepper. Moreover, Greenlight also gives the kids investment opportunities. Children not only have the opportunity to learn about how to spend and save with Greenlight Debit Cards but also learn the basics of investing thanks to other services provided by Greenlight.
The Greenlight Kids Debit Card is designed for use by children. Parents can top up their debit card using the Greenlight app and then their kids will have access to the money. The option to make a transfer can be done manually or set up an automatic weekly transfer. In addition, parents can also set terms to add money to encourage children such as asking for chores, getting good grades, or just providing an allowance and adding money to the card for emergency purposes.
Both parents and children will see different information when they log in even though they both have access to the Greenlight app. Parents can see what's going on with their child's account to track balances, view purchases, approve each transaction if they want to invest. Meanwhile, the kids can see their balances, set goals, and learn valuable lessons by logging into the app. Helping your kids learn about financial management with a set of tools in a mobile app is the main aim of this company.
You can have complete peace of mind about your Greenlight Savings and Spending Balance because it is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) up to a $250,000 limit. On the investment side, we have read on the official website of the company that Greenlight is registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and is also a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). So while investment risks are obvious and there are no guarantees for the decisions users and their children make about money, they can rest assured that they will remain protected in case the Greenlight Investment company fails.

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor

The Motley Fool is a leading reputable company in the field of financial investment to help customers become more and more wealthy

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor

Two new stock picks each month Best Buys Now Starter Stocks Community and investing resources Stock Advisor: $199/year: S&P: 135%, Return: 600% Rule Breakers : $299/Year, S&P: 117%, Return: 335%

Weekly stock recommendations with expert analysis
Relatively affordable annual cost compared to some investment newsletters
Text and email alerts give you quick information
Community and investing resources
Recommendations can move the market
The Motley Fool believes in treating every dollar as an investment in the future customers wants to create. The Motley Fool believes that investing in great businesses over the long term is the most effective route to wealth. The Motley Fool Investment Guide also emphasizes the belief in the power of a community to learn and grow together. Each client can consult information to trust The Motley Fool's score maintenance and transparency. In addition, this company also strives to fulfill its purpose by truly serving every Fool, from its employees to its members, to its community.
The Motley Fool App offers a variety of solutions to improve many areas of a client's financial life, including portfolios, personal finance, real estate ownership, corporate, The Motley Fool stocks to buy, and client careers row. The Motley Fool is headquartered in Alexandria, Va., with offices in Denver and Sydney, Australia. Therefore, it is very convenient to serve investors and businesses in the UK, Australia, Canada, and Germany.
The Motley Fool's culture is about making the world smarter, happier, and richer at work. They believe that people should have the freedom to follow their passions every day in roles they love. The Motley Fool works hard to understand the needs of its employees and provide for them. The Motley Fool is confident that this will make for a great business: take care of your employees and they will take care of your customers, who will take care of the shareholders. The Motley Fool thinks every company should do the same. We appreciate The Motley Fool's working style and culture, so we decided to choose this company to analyze the aspects in which they can help clients in financial investment.

Acorns Investment Advisor

The legitimate and trusted financial experts at Acorn will offer you valuable advice on stock investment

Acorns Investment Advisor

30 days bill-FREE Cancel anytime Green checkmark Invest your spare change See your performance Round-Up® spare change Diversified portfolios built by experts Portfolio rebalancing Recurring investments Education Earn Rewards

Automatically invests the spare change
Cashback at select retailers
Educational content available
No account minimum
High fee for people with low balance
Founded by Walter and Jeff Cruttenden and launched in 2014, Acorns has embarked on a relentless attempt to make investing accessible to everyone, even those who have no intention of becoming investors. Starting as an American financial technology and financial services company, Acorns has won the million customers’ affection with their sage advice on stock and share investment. Their automatic and simplified investment model proves helpful to many investors, no matter how much they have to invest.
In addition to the website interface, the company also provides the Acorn app for greater versatility. The app’s design is intuitive and is full of educational content, which makes it an instant favorite of new and inexperienced investors. However, its flat-fee model can be a bit expensive for those who just learn to invest and have a small balance account. Our following Acorns review will detail the pros and cons of this outstanding financial company to help you have a more comprehensive understanding of investment choices.

Rocket Dollar Investment Advisor

Rocket Dollar is one of the companies that makes it easy for investors to increase their assets through the most modern technologies

Rocket Dollar Investment Advisor

Fast Transactions Investment Options Transparent Pricing Tax Advantages No minimum opening deposit Checkbook Control An LLC to hold investments Online document storage Email support No transfer or rollover fees Expedited service and transfers Four free yearly wire transfers Physical Rocket Dollar Account Debit Card Custom-named LLC Priority support Tax-filing for 1099-R and Form 5500 Roth IRA conversion assistance

Deferred taxes or no taxes
No more waiting for custodian approval
No preset menu of investments
No asset or transaction fees
Founded in 2018, Rocket Dollar is famous by offer investors an easier way to hold assets in retirement that traditional brokerage accounts can't. This unique financial institution allows users to create an IRA or Solo 401(k) that works with nearly any asset they can imagine.
Rocket Dollar sets up a user's investment account like a company when a user opens a new account. In effect, Rocket Dollar will open a limited liability company (LLC) that will allow a user's IRA to run its own "business" on behalf of the user in some states. This is by far the easiest and simplest way I have come across although there are a number of current options for investing in real estate or other assets with a retirement account.
Once an investor's account is active, they can invest in almost anything and it's easier to list the things we can't invest in because it's a much smaller list than the things we can't invest in we are allowed to buy.
Remember that the IRS prohibits IRAs from investing in life insurance, collectibles, S-Corp stocks, alcoholic beverages, gems, carpets, most coins, and metals that fall outside of the four categories. specifically approved (gold, silver, palladium, and platinum). The investor's limit is the limit, as long as it is an investment and not for personal use. There may be additional exclusions for some small business owners
The website Rocket Dollar concluded after their reports that some of the popular investments include private equity, real estate, precious metals, peer-to-peer lending, and cryptocurrencies. Just write a check from your LLC bank account and you're good to go if you're interested in angel investing or venture capital with your retirement.
Other common investments this company records include business investments (non-S-Corp), business loans, undeveloped land, crops, livestock, certificates of deposit (CDs), and wood vouchers.


Quicken is one of the most useful tools to help you achieve your personal financial goals and lead a more comfortable life


Make better buy/sell decisions with market comparisons Track cost basis and create Schedule D tax reports See how your returns compare to market averages Manage your money on the go across desktop + web + mobile See all your bank and credit card accounts in one secure place Create a budget to track your spending Categorize your expenses automatically Easily export your data directly to Excel Get help with free official Quicken phone support Track loans, investments, and retirement accounts all in one place Evaluate your investments with Morningstar's® Portfolio X-ray® tool Compare buy-and-hold options with improved portfolio analysis

Keep your finances continually up to date: your data syncs across desktop, web, and mobile
Search transaction history
Check investment performance
See spending trends and more
View balances, budgets, accounts, and transactions
Inconsistent user experience
Users may be new to the world of budgeting if they have never heard of Quicken. Serious development over the years, Quicken has become one of the oldest budgeting products. Quicken Software is an overwhelming platform for most users thanks to its more intuitive and user-friendly platform, which means it can meet the needs of both detailed budgeters and basic budgeters.
Today, users can access Quicken through its traditional downloadable software, which is updated manually. But users can also use the product completely online.
After more than 25 years of existence, Quicken has launched a companion website that reflects some of the features and information included in the desktop version - something users have wanted in personal finance software ages ago long ago. Users can now work on a lot of their Quicken data from anywhere, as the information is stored in the cloud and synchronized with files on the user's desktop. Through capable mobile apps, users can also access a subset of their Quicken data. This removes some of Quicken's threatening elements and makes it more competitive with modern personal finance websites.
We are told these virtual tools are available for all previous versions of Quicken. Quicken has matured over the years so it has become too feature-heavy. While newer versions offer many performance improvements, it is sometimes a bit sluggish on older PCs and a bit too much for some users. However, we can't deny that Quicken is one of the most feature-rich personal finance apps available today.
Read our Quicken

BlockFi Investment Advisor

BlockFi offers investors cryptocurrency exchanges, interest-bearing accounts, and low-interest loans worldwide

BlockFi Investment Advisor

Enter your info to create a new BlockFi Interest Account Deposit USD by linking your bank or wire, crypto, or stablecoin Receive an interest payment each month Receive an interest payment each month Top-Tier Protection Service for Any Level of Expertise Earn an unlimited 1.5% back in bitcoin on every purchase No annual fee No foreign transaction fees Crypto interest account Trading Crypto-backed loans

Limited free withdrawals from interest accounts
As one of the few US-based crypto exchanges, BlockFi does not rely on ICOs or utility tokens for funding. Instead, BlockFi pays a steady interest rate by monetizing its lending products. In addition, investors can completely trust Blockfi App because nlockFi's custodian is regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services.
Users can earn 3% to 8.6% compound interest on their crypto holdings with the BlockFi Interest Account. The BlockFi account has the advantage of having no hidden fees and no minimum balance requirement.
The interest rate that BlockFi applies varies by currency and fluctuates with market value. The user will earn interest on his/her interest every month because Interest accumulates daily and is added to the user's account monthly. The Flexible Interest Payment option allows users to choose the currency in which their interest is paid.
Borrowing instead of selling means users don't have to report capital gains and this can save investors money in taxes. In addition, interest can be tax-deductible which offers a huge benefit: reducing the investor's tax bill even further. However, there is a risk to borrowing this way that the investor faces a possible loss of the collateral if the price of the cryptocurrency falls. That means the investor no longer has enough value in the interest account to support his loan balance.

Best Investment Advisors: How we experienced

Why do we need the Best Stock Advisor Website?

Whether it's time to start an IRA or college fund or build an investment account simply to invest for the future, you have more and more options to choose from. We have found through surveys that Best Robo Advisor 2021 has taken the market by storm, offering low-cost trades, technical charts, webinars, and education centers. online to help investors learn skills, research, and trade.

The difference between DIY discount brokers and full-service companies will be that investors are guided by a Robo-advisor or automated portfolio management based on predefined criteria there. However, some investors prefer a personal touch over all the online options available and the knowledge that someone they can trust will handle their portfolio and help make decisions. determined. In summary, the Best Stock Advisor can provide investors with a powerful online platform for self-directed investing but also offer full-service advisors or account managers.

How we tested

Our comprehensive review process draws on assets under management, along with emerging industry players to rate and rank the largest US robot brokers and advisors. We also use a multifaceted and iterative approach for the most comprehensive look. We want to provide investors with aggregated information and an independent assessment of our providers so that they can make informed, sound judgments about whether the Best Site For Stock Advice will meet their needs.

Best Investment Advisors and Robo Advisors by TopFreeReviews

Data Collection And Review Process

Our research team conducted direct data collection from suppliers to test and also observe directly through supplier demonstrations. We began by sending detailed questionnaires to our suppliers, and the questionnaires were structured to equitably solicit both favorable and unfavorable responses from suppliers. This survey was not designed or prepared by our team to produce any pre-determined results. Our experts relied on questionnaire answers, combined with product demonstrations, staff interviews at suppliers, and hands-on research to drive their proprietary review process. and score each vendor's performance on more than 20 factors. The final results of the Top Wealth Management Firms 2021 list are made up of companies with excellent ratings.

Rating Factors

In each case, our experts are based on a weighted average of factors including but not limited to although assessments may vary by provider type. These factors include investment cost ratios, transaction costs, accessibility of advisor resources, consulting and account fees, account minimums and types, investment options,...

Each of the factors that we have mentioned above can be related to the evaluation of different sub-factors. For example, when we evaluate investment options offered by a robot advisor, 80% of scores are based on the potential for portfolio diversification combined with the availability of specialty portfolios and the level of exposure. Customization for investors, 10% points based on the percentage of additional forming costs and the remaining 10% is low or no management fees.

Factor Weightings

We evaluate which features are most important to consumers and which features impact the consumer experience in the most meaningful way to conclude the weighting of each factor. We have the flexibility to change the factors considered and how those factors are weighted depending on the type of provider considered.

Our provider portfolio is diverse including Best Investment Apps, Best Robo Advisor 2021, Best Wealth Management Firms 2020, Best Stock Advisor Website, Top Wealth Management Firms 2021, Best Robo Advisor For Beginners,...

Information Updates

Our writers and editors maintain regular contact with the providers and highlight any changes in services. In addition to conducting annual financial advisor reviews, we want to keep our investors informed throughout the year.

The Review Team

Our review team consists of seasoned writers, researchers, and editors covering alternative investing, socially responsible investing, financial advisors, retirement, and investment strategies. daily investment, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, index funds, exchange-traded funds. To ensure thoughtful reviews of a supplier's products and services from a customer perspective, the combined expertise of our Investment team is incorporated into our review process.

Best Investment Advisors

Drawbacks of using an Investment Advisor

Choosing a full-service investment company means that the investor has autonomy and management. While it's not necessarily a bad thing, it is different from what investors will get with most discount brokers: fees or commissions will also be higher in exchange for a manager or guide full-service investment company.

Investors will have a new silent partner in their investment accounts that helps them calculate percentages in good times as well as bad times. We remember the famous saying of Warren Buffetts that price is what we pay, value is what we get. This investment maxim emphasizes the concept of investment management costs. In addition, the ability of a managed investment strategy can keep investors out of trouble, although this is something that is often overlooked.

A must-have feature for investment firms is a wide range of methods of depositing funds into the account. One particular interest we have is the ability to automatically invest weekly or monthly, leveraging dollar-cost averaging to build investor accounts.

We think it's easy to set up an amount that can be safely invested in most households on a schedule and won't go unnoticed in the budget. In addition, you should also note that additional amounts may be invested at the discretion of the investor or when the investor has additional funds, such as selling the property, earning a bonus, or receiving a refund. big pay. Many investment firms will likely ask investors for a minimum investment amount, or they offer lower management fees for larger investment accounts.

We've found that with full-service investment firms, transaction costs are often more accurately described as management fees. Certain types of trades or special investments may cost a commission higher than the per-trade commissions available from discount brokers.

Additionally, you can expect a management fee ranging from less than 1% to over 3% for your investment account. you may show negative growth due to management expenses if during the investment year your account is essentially unchanged because management fees apply in good and bad years.

Finally, we would say that investors with higher dollar value accounts are often rewarded with lower management fees, and smaller accounts can also have minimal fixed annual fees. We hope that our Best Website For Investment Advice Reviews will help you!

Greenlight MAX
Greenlight MAX
Greenlight MAX
1% Cash Back on purchases 2% on Savings No trading fees Start investing with as little as $1 Parents approve every trade, right from the app Priority customer support Identity theft protection
View Deal $9.98 / month
Motley Fool Stock Advisor
Motley Fool Stock Advisor
Motley Fool Stock Advisor
192 Stock Recommendations with 100%+ Returns Average Stock Advisor Recommendations Have Returned Over 592% Over 1,000,000 Loyal Members Only $99 for a year of full access – that’s just $1.90 a week (at the time of the publishing) 30-Day membership fee back guarantee Weekly stock recommendations with expert analysis Text and email alerts for quick information
View Deal $99 / year
Acorns Personal
Acorns Personal
Acorns Personal
All-in-one investment, retirement, and checking Metal debit card, bonus investments, money advice Automatically invests the spare change Educational content available No account minimum 30 days bill-FREE
View Deal $3 / month
Rocket Dollar Core
Rocket Dollar Core
Rocket Dollar Core
No minimum opening deposit An LLC to hold investments (IRA Only) Online document storage Investment dashboard to track investments No cost cash transfers from current custodian Fair Market Value reporting on Form 5498 (IRA only)
View Deal $15 / month
Quicken Starter
Quicken Starter
Quicken Starter
Import all your checking and credit card bank transactions safely and automatically Create a budget to track your spending Manage your money on the go across desktop + web + mobile Data syncs across desktop, web, and mobile Access your bills from over 11,000 online billers Categorizes all your transactions automatically so you can see them in one place
View Deal $35.99 / year
Crypto Interest up to 7.5% Crypto-backed loans up to 50% value Starting interest rate 4.5% Loan duration up to 12 months Ability to exchange cryptocurrency pairs between BTC, ETH, LTC, PAXG, USDC, GUSD, PAX, and USDT**.